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roller garage door

roller garage doors

Even though traditional ‘Up and Over’ garage doors are more prevalent than roller garage doors, this trend has started reversing. Infact, roller doors are now one of the fastest growing on the market.

Roller Garage Doors do have some advantages versus the
‘Up and Over’ Door and as you can see below, the benefits mean they are definitely worth taking a look at.

Benefits of installing roller garage doors

The following categories of Rollers Garage Doors are available
These can either be manually opened or automatically operated. 

Insulated roller garage door

Single Skin Type (un-insulated)

Compact Insulated Roller Garage Door

+ They can be automated just like many of our other garage doors.

Saves you time and effort plus there is an added security benefit.

+ They can save you money on your energy bills and keep out draughts!

In these times of high gas and electricity prices, the design of the Roller Door means that the door is free from draughts since a PVC Weather Seal joins the bottom rail tightly leaving no gaps whatsoever. If the Garage is connected to the house or, indeed, if it used for other functions such as a gym or children’s playroom, then it will naturally be much warmer. If you opt for the insulated version then this makes the garage much more energy efficient.

+ Some Models of Roller Doors come with official UK Police “Secured By Design” approval meaning they are extremely secure.

+ Your Garage Ceiling Space stays available

Since the Roller Garage Door literally rolls up above the garage door rather than retracting along the whole of the ceiling, the ceiling space becomes available for other uses.

+ Roller Doors will fit any garage size

Roller Garage Doors are made to measure so you can be sure of a perfect fit, every time.

+ The Driveway space and Garage Space are always maximised!

No space is taken up horizontally on either side of the door since the garage door just rolls up into a neat roll just at the top of the garage inside. So you can park up against the door on either side

+ Perfect for wider or taller cars, people carriers SUVs,
MPVs or 4x4s

The Rolled Up Door and Mechanism fits behind the brickwork meaning the whole door height and width is available and unaffected once the door is rolled up. Makes parking so much easier for drivers of any ability.

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