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Comercial Gate


At FM Engineering we can provide a tailored solution for all Industrial and Commercial applications. We can cater for all requirements regardless of size and number of users. There are several ways of securing an Industrial or Commercial site, three of the most popular are shown below:

Automated Sliding Gate

An automated sliding gate is the highest security solution and is suitable to secure openings of up to 16 metres with a gate weight of up to 4000 kilos. There is also no restriction on gate height, making a sliding gate ideal for securing a

site for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Automated Traffic Barrier

This is the most cost-effective way of securing a site controlling traffic through an entrance of up to 8 metres (16 metres if used as a pair). A traffic barrier is a high-speed way ofsecuring an entrance and is available with several additional options including boom and cabinet lighting, skirting and magnetic lock for additional security.

Automated Rising Bollard

This is an extremely strong steel encased bollard that will rise automatically from the ground in under 10 seconds. The bollards are available in both hydraulic and electromechanical varieties suitable for heavy duty or medium duty applications.


We are also able to offer a crash tested rising bollard to secure locations from vehicle attack. These can withstand a 7200 kg vehicle at 50 mph. All rising bollards have a 100% duty cycle designed for intensive use.

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