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electric gates safety

Gate Safety & Maintenance

Automated gates can be potentially dangerous and are classed by HSE as a machine. At FM Engineering all new installations are carefully planned and designed to eliminate as many potential hazards as possible. Automated gates should only be installed by qualified engineers and once commissioned should comply with current regulations. It is possible to automate existing manual gates, but this may require hinge alterations and additional safety accessories to eliminate any safety issues.

Safety Accessories

​Photocells - Photocells fire an infra-red beam across an entrance, when this beam is broken it will prevent the gates from closing.

Safety Edges - A safety edge is a rubber strip that can be fixed to a gate post or moving part of a gate. When a safety edge is pressed it will instantly stop and reverse the travel of a gate.


Radar A radar is a non-contact safety device that can be set up to protect a large area. As soon as motion is detected within the programmed area the gate will instantly stop its movement.

Induction Loop - An induction loop is located underneath a driveway and detects the metal of a vehicle. The induction loop will prevent a gate or barrier closing upon a vehicle.

Force Limitation - Most modern installations use technology within the motor to monitor gate movement and speed. When the gates movement is restricted the gate control panel

will then stop and reverse the travel of the gate.

Gate Maintenance

​It is highly recommended that all automated gates and barriers are serviced, the frequency of these services will vary dependent upon the automation system that is installed and the frequency of operations. Most residential installations are serviced annually and most commercial and high use domestic installations such as apartments are serviced Bi-annually.


Force testing is carried out on all new installations and is recommended to be repeated on each service visit for commercial and managed properties. A force test is carried out toensure the automation system is operating within HSE recommended parameters.

FM Engineering is a registered Gate Safe installer and additional gate safety information can be found on the Gate Safe and HSE websites.

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