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up and over doors

The Up and Over garage door can be of any material (steel, timber or G.R.P.) giving you an amazing, vast array of garage door styles to choose from. 

Up and Over Doors

There are two types of lifting gear mechanisms which can be employed: firstly, the tracked (or slide-away) lifting gear and secondly, the canopy lifting gear. Both types of lifting gear are extremely robust and reliable and the choice very much depends on the particular application and if you would like the door automating now or in the future for extra convenience and security. 

Tracked Away Lifting Gear

Even though these are more difficult to fit and suitable joists must be available, tracked lifting gears can be worth it since they can be automated electrically because the door will travel in its track in a horizontal direction towards the motor.


This means you can have Tracked Up and Over Garage Doors automated from the very beginning or you can decide to do this at a later date.

One advantage of these types of garage doors is that you can have a heavier or larger door due to the weight being divided between the joists and the frame. Virtually the whole door retracts into the garage along the tracks making the tracked/slide-away garage door a very neat solution. Double garage doors can use the

slide-away mechanism too which is quite a useful feature.

Canopy Lifting Gear

The canopy lifting gear retracts approximately two-thirds of the way into your garage (the rest is left outside) so it actually requires less garage room than the tracked / slide away option.

No joists are required since the lifting gear fits to the frame so this is a simpler application. Because of this they are extremely easy to fit and to operate and therefore very cost effective.

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